If I was doing a research project on Martin Luther King Jr. I would probably scan the web to try to find reliable websites to use. The website looks good at the first glance, but a deeper look makes you think again.  ”A True Historical Examination” is the motto of this website, but if you scroll down to the bottom the page is posted by Stormfront, a white supremacist group.  If you do not look at this before you use the information from this site you will be stating false information.  The other website is a valid website to use information from.  The King Library and Archives in Atlanta is one clue that this website is legitimate, because of its physical location.  The point of this assignment is to understand the difference of websites when using the web for research.  One confusing point for some is that both sites end in .org.  You have to look past this and take a closer look at who is broadcasting these websites.

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  1. Ellen Peiser says:

    I agree that the .org threw me off a first too. But then I remembered that when we were creating our class websites, that we just didn’t have to label it .com but there were a verity of different options. Therefore, anyone with an agenda could probably get a .org if they wanted to. It is another falsity of the internet that we as historians have to keep in mind.

  2. jellington says:

    One could argue though that you may actually learn more about MLK by reading the Storm Front website, which is quite a disturbing proposition. Most of us know the wonderful message of MLK and the courage he displayed through nonviolent protest, but you will not learn anything more by visit the King Center website. Neither is going to provide a true historical picture of MLK.

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