War of the Websites – Accuracy and Credibility

Instead of a reading we examined two websites that focus on Martin Luther King Jr. and his legacy. The point of examining these two websites is to exercise determining the accuracy and credibility of internet sources.  The two websites we will be examining are www.thekingcenter.org and http://martinlutherking.org/.

martinlutherking.org appeared, at first glance, to be an older, simply designed website. The website has not been touched since 1991 making the information likely to be out-of-date. This is not, however, the thing that makes the website lack credibility and accuracy. At the bottom of the site the host of the website is listed as Stormfront, a white supremacist website. So before you even read the propaganda posted on the website you can determine that the authors of this site are far from credible and definitely biased. Besides personally knowing that the site is inaccurate, the obvious bias of the website instantly disintegrates any accuracy it would have. The information posted on this site is nothing short of a hilarious attempt to discredit the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

thekingcenter.org, is the online site for the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change, a non-profit organization started by Coretta Scott King. The site is far nicer than the site hosted by Stormfront; the site was generously funded and donated by JP Morgan Chase. The website covers everything from the historic campus where the King Center is located, to archives and exhibits.  The fact that the website was donated by JP Morgan Chase and that the National Park Service has an entire section of their website dedicated to the King Center boosts the credibility of the website enormously and also ensures the accuracy of the site as well.

thekingcenter.org is the epitome of an accurate and credible website while martinlutherking.org demonstrates a site that lacks any credit or accuracy.

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