The Lost Museum

The Lost Museum game is an exploration of the pre-1865 museum of P. T. Barnum and the mystery of who burned it down.  The game includes three floors of the museum that  are filled with artifacts from the respective time period.  These artifacts do not only show you what could possibly have been in the museum, they create the fabric of what American culture was during this time period.  I think the game could be a good learning tool, if you have the patience and a fast computer.  The way the game depicts the relationships between white and African-Americans is a central theme of the game.  I had a few problems with the game.  First, my computer would keep freezing while looking at the primary source documents.  Second, there is too much information to take in in a short amount of time.  I have concluded that this would be a terrific game for those blossoming minds to learn about American society during the Civil War.

3 Responses to “The Lost Museum”

  1. I agree with you that it represents a good game for people interested in learning about American society during the civil war. I also agree the site needs something of an update. I was having lag issues on the website as well and my computer is teched out so I was definitely surprised to experience lag and freezing.

  2. Laura Spain says:

    I strongly agree that there is simply too much information in such a small space. It felt overwhelming and took away from the focus of the game, which is a good analogy to searching for sources and “clues” in real history work, but not a good premise for an online game.

  3. jellington says:

    I agree that the value in the site is in its ability to possibly spark the interest of a “blossoming” mind, as you put it. It could certainly use some updating if it is to appeal to the blossoming minds of today though.

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