Who burned down the Museum?

Overall, I found this particular assignment interesting and exciting; it’s not everyday that you get to solve a mystery (that looks like a video game) for homework. Therefore, I never once felt bored while working on this assignment. I am really thankful that talking was involved in the game. Not only did the talking help me understand the mystery more, but in addition, added more excitement to the game. By and large, the graphics of the game were very well done, I could clearly see all of the pictures and read the cules. Although I felt very enthusiastic about working on this assignment, I did however, have issues with this game. For example, I did not completely understand the ending; all of the suspects were presented in the exact same way. In addition, I had significant trouble looking through the rooms. My favorite room was the third floor lecture room because it involved talking and that’s where I obtained the most information from, unlike the other rooms. Meaning, I could look through some rooms more than others, and I felt more overwhelmed with the mystery than I did before I started solving it.  Also, this is game that takes a significant amount of time to finish, which frustrated me. Finally, I was very confused on how to find clues; I honestly think I only found one or two.

To conclude, this was not a bad assignment at all. However, I do believe that the directions could have been more clear on how to find clues and who burned down the Museum.

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  1. ashipman says:

    Do you think that making the clues easier would get kids interested in the game? I do. It has a sense of accomplishment when you find them. At least this game was very historically accurate.

  2. Solving the mystery of who burned down the museum was the component which truly snagged the players interest. The Lost Museum game was not quite what I was expecting, for it was more of a puzzle than an online game. One problem that I had was that the directions were quite confusing at first so I also only found a few of the clues that we were searching for.

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