Digital Tatto

Not only did I find this assignment incredibly accurate, but most importantly, a major eye-opener to me. For example, when I googled my name, the first thing that popped uo was my twitter account. Yes, my tweets are “protected” but the whole world knows that I go to the University of Mary Washington and I am majoring in history and secondary education. Is that a bad thing for people to know?! No because its who I am and I have no problem showing my boss, co-worker or my parents. However, it is a problem that ANYONE can know where I go to school. Thankfully, my facebook did not pop up; apparently there are a lot more Melanie Houston’s than what I thought. In addition, I made my facebook settings private from the public. Although my boss or anywhere I apply for a job, can have access to my facebook, just like anyone elses. Therefore, I make an effort to keep all posts and pictures on facebook 100% professional; if I am not comfortable having my parents, aunts, uncles, or my church family see my posts or pictures, than I will not post them. All and all, I think that is wise attitude to have, so I always try and remind myself of that before I post anything. One of my favorite things about this assignment was the short quizzes. For instance, after taking the protection test, I learned the importance of controlling my ‘cookie.’ I never realized that search engines could remember my computer; its the little things like a person’s ‘cookie’ that make technology a person’s best friend or worst enemy.

Overall, I found this assignment very benefitally for my future. I intend to be a social studies teacher one day, and regardless if I teach middle or high school, I will be working with children. Therefore, principals, vice principals etc will look me up online and can and will use anything they find against me. I cannot let a small tweet or facebook twitter prevent me from becoming a teacher. I always have to keep my future career in my mind before I post ANYTHING on the internet.

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  1. You definitely have extra reason for caution due to your aspirations of teaching younger children. As for your employers having access to your facebook, that is a true concern. Once when hiring a graphic artist, I found someone who was absolutely perfect for the job on paper but he had pictures of himself getting high and also pictures of himself vomiting at a party; needless to say I didn’t hire him even with his impressive resume. So it is always good to think about what you put out there for the world to see.

  2. Elizabeth Henry says:

    As another aspiring teacher, I am always really careful about what I post online and how it might present me to future employers or even my future students parents if they choose to search me online. I always think “Would I be ok with my mom/grandparents/teachers/kids I babysit for seeing this?” I feel like when it comes to do anything online that could effect your future it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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