Digital Tattoo

The Digital Tattoo website is an informative website that helps you understand your digital dossier.  From this website you can find about almost anything about a person you a looking up.  I also googled myself to find what was on the web about me.  Since there is a baseball player with my own name, the majority of what comes up is about him.  But it is also unsettling that you can pay websites for you address, phone number, and personal history.  I know Prof. Moon talked about managing you online presence for future employers, but I rather not have an online presence.  I like to do the majority of my business in person, and not online.  Right now I have to worry about my blogs for this class and my Facebook page.  But if people searched harder they would find more information about me then I want them to.

4 Responses to “Digital Tattoo”

  1. jellington says:

    I share your concern about the basic information. I don’t want someone to be able to find my name, address, age, etc. For 20 years I served in a law enforcement capacity in the Marine Corps. It is safe to say that during that time I made some fellow Marines and civilians angry with me. What is stopping them from using my information to find me and retaliate in some way?

  2. melaniehouston says:

    Like you, when I google searched my name, a singer popped up, so most of the information was on her life and accomplishments. (a famous person has my name). However, my twitter account did pop up, which told everyone that I was a history major. As I said on my blog and during our class discussion today, I am not upset that anyone can know that I am a history major. However, I am concerned that one day, people could see more. In your words, “But if people searched harder they would find more information about me then I want them to.”

  3. Maggie Nunn says:

    I agree with both of you that less is more. While there definitely can be some positives of having domains, blogs open to the public but for the most part, I would rather present myself in a face to face manner for employers and be able to show my work rather than hope they find it under a google search.

  4. Ellen Peiser says:

    I’m kind of in the same boat. I would rather that less is more where the interent is concerned for right now, so that it doesn’t come back to haunt me forever.

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