Intellectual Property

The Journal of American History provided some interesting information about ethics and plagiarism in the professional field of history. The first article in the “Round Table” comments on the crisis the field seems to be having of late, as high profile works are debunked as plagiarized. Joanne Meyerowiz wrote about this phenomenon hitting too close to home, drawing the Journal into scandal itself, and therefore calls all historians (including historians in training) to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

The following articles by various authors deal with the pitfalls and the recognition of plagiarism. I found Richard Fox’s article about student plagiarism the most relatable. He talks specifically about students and their seeming need to “plagiarize to survive”. Coming into the homestretch of the semester, I understand the need to give an extra reminder that theft of intellectual property is still a crime that you will get punished for by the intellectual community. I thought that the information was important and helpful when beginning the process of writing my own research paper. I also liked the dialogue of each article. It seemed more personal than a dry dissertation.

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