Round Table

The articles discussed in the Round Table reading all discussed plagerism within the History field.  The concept of plagerizing someone else’s work is so easy to do these days because of technology.  It is important to educate historians, and especially students of History in how to properly research and cite their sources during formal writing assignments.

I thought books like the Turabian guide and Jenny Presnell’s book were very helpful with learning the correct way to research and cite things.  It also taught me things that I should be wary of when it comes to researching and the sources I use.

I went to a school with a very strict honor code.  I have been writing and signing honor pledges since the fifth grade.  Coming to a college with one hasn’t changed my attitude on plagerism.  For my final paper, I have many sources and almost 60 citations.  I have spent so long on this paper making sure that the sources and authors I am attributing recieve the credit they deserve.

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  1. Elizabeth Henry says:

    I think it is interesting that you went to a school that stressed an honor code to younger children. Although I had been told not to cheat or take someone else’s work since kindergarten, I had never heard of an honor pledge until high school and even then I rarely had to write or sign one. I wonder if more elementary, middle, and high school students emphasized an honor code would it affect plagarism in college and in the professional environment? Maybe if history had an honor code that historians had to sign or review before publishing their work it would make them think twice about plagarizing.

  2. jellington says:

    You are correct to cite the books as a guide. I also like the one author’s emphasis on focusing on good papers and not harping on the misconduct. I grew up under an honor code as well, my mean-as-hell Vietnam veteran father who demanded honesty and integrity in everything we did (followed by 21 years in the Corps).

  3. ashipman says:

    I know that I have also been under honor codes since a young age. I think if more public schools were to implement this policy plagiarism might be reduced.

  4. epeiser says:

    I agree. The books like Presnell and Turabian are a valuable resource that we will continue to have throughout our career here and in the future.

  5. I think having the books from this class will prove useful for our final paper and for future papers. However, as we discussed in class today, do not let your fear of plagiarism cripple your ability to write a good paper. I struggle with the same exact problem of having too many citations and I have had to cut many of them out.

  6. Laura Spain says:

    I’m glad that you mentioned the books we’ve been using this semester. It reminded me that we’re not all alone in a sea of research, trying to figure out what is right and wrong. We have guidelines and ways to make sure that we give credit where credit is due.

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