Wei Zhanjang is Young and Restless

In the film “Young and Restless in China,” the topic of how the values of young people in China differ from their parent’s is a theme that runs throughout all of the segments. It is especially evident in the segment on Wei Zhanjang. Wei is a young woman who migrated from her rural home and now works in a factory making cell phones. She lives by herself in a small room she rents and enjoys writing in her diary and listening to music, but she has recently gotten engaged. Her fiance is a man from her village that her family found through a matchmaker. She expresses how uneasy she feels about the prospect of marrying a man who she has met only once, and say that ” I want to be free and independent. Although she is reluctant to blame her family for her low level of education and her engagement, it is clear that she does not have the same values as her parents. She enjoys her job, and wishes she could have stayed in school longer. Her parents, on the other hand, have a more traditional mindset that she should return near to home and get married now that they no longer need her income to support her brother’s education. Wei’s story is an example of how, as China becomes more urban and modern, the younger generations are not accepting the traditional values that their parents do.

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